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It has always been a dream of the mine to be a business owner and to provide a service to the community. With a love for coffee even with no idea about running a coffee business ; it was clear there was a need for a mobile caffeine distributer in the area. Having lived in the community since 2000 with her three sons, Braeden, Liam & Clayton, and daughter Kayleigh. Owner Kea Tester used her background knowledge in accounting, and business dove right in and purchased the mobile coffee shop from a fellow veteran family and started creating a plan.. a plan that changed a lot... keeps changing......but here we are!

We simply love making coffee, and we find inspiration in every part of the process. Above all, we're inspired by the people we work with, the customers we serve and the connections we’ve built together we look forward to serving you all !

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Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Our plan is to only serve Fair Trade coffee. It’s really important for us to understand the human cost of getting a cup of Joe into our cup hands. Coffee is a top industry for using child slaves for production, especially in Guatemala and Colombia. Almost half of agricultural workers in Brazil’s biggest agricultural cities are estimated to earn less than the minimum wage of about $190 per month, which is less than a quarter of what Brazil’s Federal Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (DIEESE) says a family of four needs to cover basic expenses.

Fairtrade Certified coffee ensures that producers receive a minimum price that is based on the costs of production, not the volatile market price. An additional Fairtrade premium allots money to coffee cooperatives for investing back into their community as they see fit. Participating coffee farms and organizations must follow Fairtrade regulations and be organized into a democratically run organization or cooperative. Plus, producers must follow labour, environmental, and quality standards. Forced and child labor is prohibited. Fairtrade International (aka FLO) is the international umbrella organization that sets international Fairtrade standards. In Canada, this organization is Fairtrade Canada, and it is the only independent, third-party certifier of Fairtrade products in the country.

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